Roses are red

The sheets of my bed is red

A girl in my class wears a red pant

And if i suggest yellow

She says she cant

In a rainbow the colour red is first

And look at poor brown

He is the colour of dirt

The colour of an apple is red

"I love red" my friend said

The colour of blood is red

And look at poor black

He is worn mostly if someone is dead

The sign of danger is red

The sign to stop is red

The lips on my face is red

The sketch can be beautiful if red

The beaks of the birds are red

Why oh why does red get all the attention?

My god! who invented red?

My mother.

My mother my mother
She is like no other
She stays up all night
To see if were all right
I love her very much
I want her to touch
Me all day...
For she is like a flower
Bright and gay...
My mother my mother
My sweet mother
Sometimes she scolds
Sometimes she beats
I can ever repay her
For all the kindess she gave
I can never repay her
Not even after a year
I know that she loves me very much
No one can have such
A lovely mother......!

My first poem, or rather words that rhyme together and make sense. :P
I think it deserves to be in here.