The girl who loved football

                                                                Once there was a girl
Who instead of dancing or to twirl
Wanted to play football
Like the boys on the other side of the wall
Her mother said
Why don’t you sew or read in your bed?
Her father said
Why don’t you go and disturb mother while I drink
Two pints of mead!
Instead of giving up
She made her hopes jump
Until it bounced high and high
And she became more than any other guy
And than her spirits rose
So even if she tried it would never go down to her toes
Then she wanted to play in matches
Coz football was a thing in which she would never go less
She got a place in a team
This was her very dream
And when her dreams came true
She knew the only thing left to do
And it was that she wanted the world to know
What a girl could do if in her mind she had made that woe
And the world did
When they saw the teams she led
She led them to win
For winning is never a sin