Trotting along the path
Filled with stones and pebbles
I looked up from my shoe,
As they were slightly crunching on the gravel..
I was shocked to find something,
Not anything, definitely not nothing but something
Like it materialized out of nowhere
Was a room which I had found rather inviting...
As curiosity won over me
i opened the door, my eyes scanning
Along the books that were stacked everywhere,
And I gasped, "Oh! My lord"
As i found books, books and books
My breathing hitched up,
Slowly realizing what had happened,
I found myself having a hint of a jump...
My heart thudding against my ribs,
My eyes turning bright,
My insides flipping somersaults,
As I soaked in the wonderful sight,
It was a dream,
A dream come true...
These things never happened to me,
Now as it did out of the blue..
After i picked out a book,
I settled down to a corner,
I wanted to read, read and read,
Till let’s say, forever...
Until i was afraid,
To close my eyes, afraid
that I would go as it had come,
For this was a dream,
From which i never wanted to wake up....

Life And Death.

As I watched the cotton clouds

Drifting away in the blue sky.....

I simply realized, I had never given much thought

To how I would die.....

I stood there staring hard and away,
My brain whirring,
Faster than the wind,
On summer's last day.....

Ah! It would be nice
If I died in the place of someone i love,
Of course the world was a ride...
But would I want that to end?

And then, I remembered them,
Whose blood runs through my veins?
My parents, whose care
Gave strength to my fragile body....

And it struck me
How beautiful life was,
I had to accept the obstacles,
And fight them till I see my last...

All of a sudden,
I wanted to appreciate my life...
To embrace it...
With my arms wide open...

Because with hurdles and such
Fun and excitement is laden...

This is my first serious poem. Of course I never saw a point in why I ever lived. But then it struck me. It was just a time pass. I mean. For once think about it... a person. As in one of a trazillion people in the world. When we cry thinking about a single mistake and make a big deal about it, say sitting cross legged in your room, drawing your curtains and having soft music, crying all over…thinking no one bloody loves me, no one bloody cares for me, no one’s going to give a damn about what I do, this is a turning point, my whole life is tragic, I am going to die soon and all this drama and more just because your mom did not allow you to wear mascara for a day..LOL...When I ever make a drama scene in my place. I wonder …I mean. God must be laughing rolling on the ground. Get it? All these waste drama. In my opinion I think we must live 60% for ourselves and 40% for others. Make the world a better place instead of googling methods of how to bloody kill yourself. Respect your parents and obey people who are worth obeying. Remembering that those who can’t obey cannot command.