Perfection at it's worst.

It was like a blind woman seeing the sun for the first time
Joy as well as the satisfation of being paid your biggest desire.
Though darkness hadn’t brought on complaints or pain
The light had neither asked for problems nor sacrifices
It was luck..,pure luck.
He had been exactly like that
Brought me happiness even though I had calm and peace
Perfect…just too perfect.
And perfection never stays with us a long period
The reason why we all crave for it this much.

It was like the sun’s burnished rays hurt the pure petite eyes
And she closed it.
Not expecting to never open it again
The mistake of not expecting the unexpected.
She knew she could open her eyes
She also knew that she wouldn’t.
Everything had been too elated.Too perfect.
Retiring to live the life she once did was very inviting
Morosely not exciting
Hard to accept that she wouldn’t have the same effect again
That the same things never happen the same way twice.
She lived like before.
But never happy.
The sun and its polished light haunted her.

OF all the poems in my time,not only poems,but quotes and verses as well…none of them shows the accurate feelings I felt like this one.When I read this over and over,I felt the exact same pain I went through.I am kind of proud that I was able to convey my exact feelings through a poem.And unlike the other poems this one is based on a true life incident.I blend in with poems that build up emotions in a person.Or poems that don’t get you your tongue in cheek smile.I want the reader to understand the pain I went through by not giving away exactly what happened.The reader has to hav a tiny insight.Love is my easiest subject because I know what one feels like when you fall in love,what one feels like when you get rejected,what one feels like when you get cheated and I definetly know what one feels like when one gets accepted to live with someone for the rest of your uncertain life..