Between A Rock And A Hard Place.

The long waits in the sun always tired me out,
The long visions at night always kept me awake,
Later worthwhile and forgotten.
Hand in hand under the silver moon
Just standing there together..
No voice,No noise
Just the sounds of loud silence.
Always fearful of sure failure
Passing looks of love and emotion with a dash of fright,
Yet loving my way into unloyal fate.
Crying innocent tears of pleasure,
Knowing not when unpleasantness could be willed on me,
Lomg ready to accept destiny,
But not to leave the moment.
Wondering whether this feeling had a name
Love??!..Then explain the pain…
So much, that disappointment became enjoyable
That crying became laughter,
That loneliness was desirable,
All I could do was wait…
and maybe wait some more..
After all finishing the chapter dosent mean the book ceased
There’s always the next page..
Though I’d take dark nights with the moon than suffer dim days with the sun.