You taught me how to love.

Hold my hand and sing with me,
As the moon shy fully sinks into the open sky.
Kiss my cheeks and be proud of me,
For who I am, For who I plan to be.
Stroke my hair and brush them with your soft hands,
For that turns out to be the greatest pleasure anyone can give me.
As we stand together side by side,
Our dainty toes dancing inside the sand,
Never wanting to end the moment.

Stand by me as I wander through the maze of life,
Hold me close at dead ends and closer at open roads.
Stroke my ears and whisper to me your wisdom,
Those wise words you learnt over the years.
Look into my eyes and tell me how much,
Tell me how much you love me.
How you’d never want to unfreeze this second.
You did your best with me,
And I’m ecstatic as I never got a reason,
Through all these years to get angry at you.
Moma, come to me, look at me, stay with me

Some say that their parents don’t understand the meaning of love, relationships, commitments, breakups etc...
..I Disagree..