Either you tell the world,
Or you choose to tell no one,
It wont matter,
You see,
Whatever you do,
The real truth will remain,
With you and me.

Yes, go away,
Far from me,
Far from my grip.
I believe I held you too tight.
Not that you asked,
Not that you even wondered
Whether I’d be hurt or not,
I had to suffer for your love bite.

Justice?? No it wasn’t.
I had told you a hundred times,
That you’d let me go. And now,
I don’t know why… It just doesn’t feel right
To say “I told you so.”

You told me you wouldn’t go,
You made me believe you wouldn’t run away,
You did what I couldn’t do,
You wiped my tears when I cried
You said I wouldn’t be forlorn,
You said I was yours,
You said you wouldn’t ever have cold feet,
You lied.

What you forgot and wasted away,
Was my trust, I liked you,
But not more than I love myself.
That’s were you went wrong,
For some time I scraped along
But it wasn’t long,
Before I was once again

I let you go,
Like sand gripped too tight,
Your wish against mine
I was smart enough to comprehend,
Everything changes with time.

An angel you were,
An angel I thought you’d remain,
But the opposite you turned out to be,
The opposite you became.

You bitched, you pained
Proud, Arrogant, Stupid,
A creature ever so vain.

A person to hate,
A person better left alone,
A person to be ditched,
I knew it wasn’t something you wanted willed.

Yes I loathe you,
Clearly dislike you,
Obviously not in love with you,
But somehow, I still do care for you.