A Mar To remember.

My heart felt cold,
The dreaded day had come,
The atmosphere so Icy,
Now breathing wasn’t that easy.
The moments freeze up,
Air sucked out,
A blow on my head,
Sweat puddles on my eye cup.
My brain cells almost dead,
Almost. Inhale, Exhale.
My eyes locked up
And I plunged into the chilled hard ground.
Everything fades away,
Yet, those memories remain perfectly unstained.
How could it be so?
As much as I try,
Unstained they remain
Alas, I wasn’t allowed to complain.
Then came my tears,
For I had nothing left to cry for.
Unstrained they were,
Flowing out without mercy,
So light.
Yet so heavy.
My limp hands and legs,
If nothing, owed me freedom at least,
I had enough, I soared out free,
Away from this damned world of yours,
I wanted to pull myself away,
I had enough of me.
I almost went away,
And Damn, I was forcefully shut down,
Try as I might, I couldn’t get away,
I was pretty much, in every way, bound to me.
Or maybe, I actually wanted to fly away,
Unbelievable as it may seem,
Maybe I really fancied getting away from me,
In to those dull colors,
At least there,
you cannot out maneuver me.
Maybe not, maybe what I wanted
Was a break, to go sit?
Somewhere I couldn’t avoid myself,
For my part, I was haunting me.
Maybe I should just,
Stop trying to figure things out,
And Kill myself.
Go sleep.
Whatever, they make the dark
More and more breath-taking.