I'm begging. Miss me.

I'm tired; I have a head ache

I feel we're losing everything we worked so hard to make.

I don't know what, But something changed.

I'm fed up, I feel like giving up.

I keep looking out and in,

The hollow feeling doesn't seem to be fading away,

The feelings definitely not what I had yesterday!

I'm annoyed, the feeling had changed

Like I said, I' was too tired.

To fight for us again and again

My hopes flickering like that candle in front of me,

My eyes were closing with the pain.

I'm slipping, my mind flipping,

the day just seems to on

Like nothing was wrong.

What happened to that enjoyment we once shared?

Maybe it got tired too,

who wouldn't?

It must have found someone better to woo.

My grip not so strong,

My heart desperate for anything to meet,

You might not understand,

but the little thing lacks a reason to beat.

I feel depressed tonight,

We both know why,

Yet no one's taking action


I'm tired of having to ask,

Caz it’s just not me

I'm tired of changing myself,

For reasons you obviously see.

Damn my depression,

Damn my heart.

I'm fed up of the questions,

I'm fed up of being answer-less,

I'm fed up of the untold truths,

I'm fed up of the silence that have us hooked.

Gee, what am I saying?!

Wake me up sweetheart,

I'm begging.

If still not, Then I’m going.