Why Did Destiny Capture Our Shots , If Fate Had Someone Else Framed Ahead?

Brown into the flattened black,
Had it always been that black?
Had those give-always always been this cold?
That gentle look, now not even a scratch,
But instead, dim dead and bold,
The kind that’d give anyone a panic attack

My path had been defined,
My goal’s been set,
This, an unfamiliar lane...
Why so?
Why did we meet again?

If destiny did not capture our shots,
If fate had someone else pretty ahead,
Then why did you look back?
Why did I want you to look back?

Had it been you?
Or was I seeing myself?
Regret seemed too much,
Dreams were too much too,
My consciousness remained unmoved,
Like yours, mine lost in touch!

That fleeting moment,
Did we both recede?
Was that why we didn't see each other?
The wait is for next time,
Or is it going to be never?

I remember the scene,
“Black hair set against your pale skin”
 You said,
“With crimson lips,
And cheeks as brilliant as the setting sun,
The fragrance of
Fine cream and roses,
I wanted to pull your hair back,
Put it behind your ears where they belonged,
For they were obstinate and warmed your face,
Fusing into the dusty pink Brussels lace."

I blamed the wind that refused to budge,
I blamed the noises that remained adamant.

Where was that reflex action?
We were proud of; a time ago?
Where did that flutter of,
Heart to heart beats, go?

All was perfect, then why didn’t it end well?
We had a second, we had a moment,
We had a chance, we had an option,
We could change our mind,
We had our hopes far from behind.

But that just passed,
Ever so quietly,
That's what we loyally did.

We stood, like fools looking into forever.
Standing there,
And resumed our pathways,
As though nonentity happened.
What an endeavor.