Together , We're Alone.

We are born alone, knowing nothing,
White sheets of blank paper,
Meant to be sliced with black ink,
Gradually, suggesting death.

We live together, yet we breathe alone.
Claiming our eyes be closed,
Yet getting away by means of furtive glance,
All knowing,

 That it keeps us away from the UN-dead.

We bitch hand in hand, just to cry alone,
Consciously ignoring the trail to ecstasy five feet away,
Welcoming the dark days,
Quite far away.

We shop without mercy, yet dress alone,
Trying to keep up with thoughts we feel are erred
Trying to derive “philosophy” from unspoken words,
Five minutes later,
We stride as though nothing happened,
On to the street outwards!

I remember going to bed together,
Only to wake up from sleep alone,
Quiet mornings push the feelings aside,
Donning me with sympathy I didn’t recognize,
As one of the inevitable; the day starts.

Thinking, we’re moving "forward".
What mistakes our simple mind,
Is that we die alone when we don’t.
For its proven,
 When a soul dies, another one dries up with it.