A crowd, better silenced.

When you have a normal life,
Extraordinary parents are loved,
Awesomeness ,Appreciated,
And success, Sowed.
Everyday is art,
Every night, music,
In between there's dancing,
And somehow, happy living.
Brother in times of need,
Love by the door,
Pests under bars and,
Memories from the yore.
You're cries are muffles,
At times like these,
Not because no one cares,
Only because there's more happy than you please.
Now I know it sounds all perfect,
But read it again,
You might see something you dint,
'Friends' ain't there,
pro'lly din't notice when you blinked.
They might love me, or love me not.
For I'm alone when I'd need their company,
Now I don't want any judging,
For that's there in plenty.
I hear them when they all go out,
I hear them when they laugh out loud,
I hear it when they sneak out,
But I'm there when they cry,

I always run to them when they cry.