The difference between what I am, and what you made me.

There will come, them moments,
When you can hear yourself laugh and smile,
And you nod at heads smiling at you,
You can smell the flowers a mile away,
You can breathe in the divine scent.
When the sun playfully lights up your strands of beautiful hair,
You just spread your arms out wide and scream with all your might.

Then there comes those days,
When the wind is too strong, and then sun is too low,
When the world just keeps ticking, and the people?
The people make it evident that they can survive with you .

They pass by, and you say hello,
Cue the winks, looks and curvy lips,
And the never ending hi-fi’s

Yes it’s a wonderful day; the trees looked just fine,
You learned, you had your thought of the day,
The day was as happy as it could be,
Though it would seem like all work and no play.

All you can do is look forward.
Because you’re alone, and it’s darkness, regardless of your how your eyelids are positioned.

The paintings on the walls make everything look so damn heavenly,
The classy white paint raises our standard,
The adorable peons give the place a spark,
And then, them (a peculiar group of human beings they are), they bark.

They puff, polish and paint their faces,
And say they work for our good.
They tear down souls that survived,
And without shame, they again claim to have been working for our good.

Its this day when you don’t know what to do with yourself,
When you can do so much and want to do nothing,
All because of some sick bastards,
You feel yourself ebbing away into some lonely yard.

Sometimes, all you need to do is look at me and smile.
And the world is all right again.
You teach me every day; you claim to have the right to punish me too,
Then what bad will a smile do?