Children and Chastity

My feelings are vast,
They are never ending,
They dissolve into the omnipresent,
They are honest.

Honest when I look up at the sky,
I see my thoughts flooding blue,
Some, Fluffed up and bobbing away,
I force them to change, I think,
The more I do, The whiter, the kosher.

For that is what we 15 year olds do,
We compare and let ourselves down,
We look up, we look around,
We tire ourselves nice and easy,
And settle down into finding common grounds.

It’ is always the little things that matter,
We are pure and open,
Ready to look down on everybody,
Happy when they look up at us and smile.

I smirk, when anger fares in,
Regret, Remorse and Loathing.
That’s when we turn off the lights,
We hear the low rumble of change.

It’s despair, we feel powerful.
At least we affect the universe don’t we?
Potency revealed, only meaning,
If I can’t have it, you can’t too.

Together, we are alone,
We believe that’s how it is,
The rumbling gets louder,
And Thunder breaks in.

Trashing us, pushing us to the limit,
There’s rain all around,
We feel the walls slipping down.
Slaps right across the face,
The inevitable rain drowns you in,
It’s bitter and wet, Life.
On your knees,
All you can do, is look around.
On your knees,
And to feel the rain, to feel your sore tears,
To respect them, To treat them right.
You’d feel it tickling town your cheekbones tonight,
Tomorrow, damn that,
Every single day maybe.
Until you embrace them, and turn around at the same time.
For the sun’s up now.
For there’s a red tint now.
The horizon looks nice now.
Your eyes red rimmed, yet beautifully lined.
You laugh out loud,
For the sun’s here now.