I saw him walking alone

With a heavy heart,

He walked from his parent’s house

He went to her,

He went home.

She was hiding,

Scared as he knew she would be

He couldn't bring himself to look at her terrified face,

It was engraved in his.

He couldn’t bring himself to tell her,

To tell her that they were dead,

With no chance of ressurection.

She whimpered and looked at the floor,

Averting her gaze

Ran up to her room.

And slept.

He slept too.

They both knew hope survived to kill them.

Because that's what friends are for.

See, one night,
While I was sleeping,
God asked me,
To keep dreaming.
And so I did.
I dreamt about you.
How you sat by me
and talked all the way,
How I felt the wind blow,listening,
Now remembering,
it was quite a hot day :')
I swept my hair, back,
Turned to look At you, you were laughing..
Your head tilting,
I tilted mine and I sat back, smiling.
And then came those days,
I thought you'd want to go home,
I thought you'd want to be normal.
More days,
When you were a friends friend,

A friends friends friend.
And then,the day we spat.
At the past,
Sitting side by side, leg to leg,
"Cheers" with our switches,
Peering at the night sky
Searching, for a lost star.
That day, something said we'd last.
Claimed, trashed
 Possessed,loved of course,
Sought after and cried over I was.
Only you though,managed
To send a kiss to my heart. 

The reply

                                                     Sitting on that lonely staircase,                                                         Palms on face
Elbows on knees
Sore eyes
Lined by the cool breeze.

‘Happy thoughts, Happy thoughts”
I said to myself
Nothing blossomed
Head and heart aching
As my thoughts coveted 

Listening to those familiar footsteps
I turned around
With weak legs
Accepting what has to happen
As you came by.

Sighing; Smiling;
I waited as you climbed down the stairs
As I pouted
As your lips touched mine
For what was the last time
As you held me in your arms
One moment, content;
Of pure happiness,
Before your ugly departure.

Id have to let go 
Good things don’t last
Id have to open my eyes
I did. To see yours.
Pouring love;
As I stood helpless
And you walked away.

My hand burned for one more touch
My smile din’t last long
But you were etched
To my soul
As if

When death called.

When death called,
I was sitting,
I was breathing, 
I was relaxed.

When death called, 
I could not quite hear my life,
I did not quite pay attention,
So much that I almost picked up.

I was a big fan,
But I was too caught up in many things, more
beautiful than life itself.
Living it.

And hey, my eyes closed,
My ears ringing to the melodies of a 
My heart beating,
When death went tring-tring,

I remember the car swirling,
I distinctly remember holding on,
My eyes bulged,
and my thoughts ran to who all would
have to mourn.

Air was nursed out of me,
As my head hit the insides,
Stars revolved,
My mind now on boats flying kites.

They say I survived,
I say I was in luck,
I found myself wondering all the way
about what, would have happened,
If I had indeed picked,

If my life had been ticked.