When death called.

When death called,
I was sitting,
I was breathing, 
I was relaxed.

When death called, 
I could not quite hear my life,
I did not quite pay attention,
So much that I almost picked up.

I was a big fan,
But I was too caught up in many things, more
beautiful than life itself.
Living it.

And hey, my eyes closed,
My ears ringing to the melodies of a 
My heart beating,
When death went tring-tring,

I remember the car swirling,
I distinctly remember holding on,
My eyes bulged,
and my thoughts ran to who all would
have to mourn.

Air was nursed out of me,
As my head hit the insides,
Stars revolved,
My mind now on boats flying kites.

They say I survived,
I say I was in luck,
I found myself wondering all the way
about what, would have happened,
If I had indeed picked,

If my life had been ticked.