The reply

                                                     Sitting on that lonely staircase,                                                         Palms on face
Elbows on knees
Sore eyes
Lined by the cool breeze.

‘Happy thoughts, Happy thoughts”
I said to myself
Nothing blossomed
Head and heart aching
As my thoughts coveted 

Listening to those familiar footsteps
I turned around
With weak legs
Accepting what has to happen
As you came by.

Sighing; Smiling;
I waited as you climbed down the stairs
As I pouted
As your lips touched mine
For what was the last time
As you held me in your arms
One moment, content;
Of pure happiness,
Before your ugly departure.

Id have to let go 
Good things don’t last
Id have to open my eyes
I did. To see yours.
Pouring love;
As I stood helpless
And you walked away.

My hand burned for one more touch
My smile din’t last long
But you were etched
To my soul
As if