Because that's what friends are for.

See, one night,
While I was sleeping,
God asked me,
To keep dreaming.
And so I did.
I dreamt about you.
How you sat by me
and talked all the way,
How I felt the wind blow,listening,
Now remembering,
it was quite a hot day :')
I swept my hair, back,
Turned to look At you, you were laughing..
Your head tilting,
I tilted mine and I sat back, smiling.
And then came those days,
I thought you'd want to go home,
I thought you'd want to be normal.
More days,
When you were a friends friend,

A friends friends friend.
And then,the day we spat.
At the past,
Sitting side by side, leg to leg,
"Cheers" with our switches,
Peering at the night sky
Searching, for a lost star.
That day, something said we'd last.
Claimed, trashed
 Possessed,loved of course,
Sought after and cried over I was.
Only you though,managed
To send a kiss to my heart.