The Middle Child.

Cheats, Fries everyone's head;

Hurts, Forgets, Disrespect,
Love and Family,

Dives, Disloyal, Dissident,
Deceitful and invincible,
An imbecile.

Impulsive, Insensitive
Irrespective of God's wrath;
or a beloved deeds?
A callow weed.

Inked, Impure, Erred,
A sinner, Crack,
Smack Smack Smack,
An unfortunate blunder?

Stammers, Senile and Shaken,
Faking, Breaking;
A misshapen Satan.

Lost, Alone, Wonderment,
Amusement; Better Annihilated,
Better eradicate,
Better not create,
A misshapen Satan.