I like high all the time
I want high all the time
I want stress-free all the time
I don't anymore.

Soft kisses on my neck
Stopped time; The once it happened,
My heart stopped; couldn't lend.
Cried, wet sheets; wet mouth
Bit his lower lip hard; trigger
Pain; trigger vain,
My brain bled instead,
Alone out there; trying to ignore
Trying to Ignite
Life in disguise; his big hands,
Held me tight,
Suffocate, laugh, blink, sunrise?
Red, blue, brown hair glinting,
He played; tightening;
Felt my flawed ear,
While I kissed away my fear.
Mere sight; my blood pounded
Without a sound
His pretty face on my palm;
The Whole world in my hand;
My drunken self on him; Calm.
We thought, reckoned,
Prayed, hoped,
Felt his lips for the first time.