For my betterment?

Just this once, I fought.
I fought for myself,
I physically fought,
I fought for my right,
I fought for my well being
I was ageing.

My oh so bubbly aura
I was not fond of the world,
I did not care
The world in turn burned my soul
While I caressed her wounds.

While I caressed her cheek,
While I caressed her feet
She conveyed her wound into my being
Infected my brain
I would decay
Decay like my mothers heart
When I touch a cigarette

Burning, Yearning
She’d come when I'd be nearly gone
She was my weakness now

Unknown Pride within me,
I caressed her
She caressed the world.

Don't know what we were fighting against,
Nothing but us existed in our Jannat
We exchanged blows
Together and against
Got to stay apart
Got to stop ourselves from giving out
To feel our tongues touch again
Wept till my heart became as small as hers
Wept my swept feet back to the ground

We pushed each other away
Filled with rage and distrust
I shoved her aside
Fell asleep in each other's arms
Hoping I'd never have to wake up to see her dreadful eyes again
Her pained smile
Or the meaningless mole on her nose;
Couldn't bear the air that let us breathe.


  1. Amazing how you put it into words, this is articulate at the level of one's soul.