One day you'll come searching for me, and not just with your eyes.

See me with someone else, and walk away silent.

As silent as you were when I was stripped by those gruesome strangers at that shady bar.

As silent as you were when I had to leave the city.

As silent as you were when I told you I liked you.

As silent as you were when you kissed me back.

As silent as the hatred in your eyes when you realized you liked me too.

But I've had many first kisses,
the ones I agreed to, and the ones I dint agree to.

What does it matter as long as I keep silent.

-The kiss that mattered.

Why Must We Hide to Sin?

You lost a brother,
I lost my child.
He couldn't be with the world's greatest sister.
And I wouldn't be the world's best mum.

What do you find beauty in?


24 Hours Emergency and Trauma Care

The nights- Longer
Heart- Weaker
Time- Ticking
Breath- Sickening

I used to stare.
Through the mirror
Through the gap between my eyes
Through my lashes
Through my bed spread
Imperfection ran along my fingers
Tapping them
Waiting; Walk in man.
Through them too
Even those nights when you
slept right next to me
I stared
I stare all the time
Through the back of my head
When you aren't there
Through someone else
Through the old tv
Through my ricocheting eyes
You've become my sight.
Thawing away at my skin
How else will I get through the night?
The nurse just says I need to cry.

-Not Tempted To Heal.

Tribute To Women

Couldn't let go
I always want more
I'm the greed that agrees with Satan
I'm the lust, keep waiting
I'm the blood you lack
Your smoke stack
I'm the power that drained you sinners
And I'm that girl;
Veins of solid crack.


Mamihlapinatapei ( Yagan ) means,

The worldless yet meaningful look shared by two people who desire to initiate something, but are both reluctant to start.

In case,
You feel like running away
Know that I ran away once.

In case,
You feel like staying put
Know that I never left
Your illusions clouded mine.