One day you'll come searching for me, and not just with your eyes.

See me with someone else, and walk away silent.

As silent as you were when I was stripped by those gruesome strangers at that shady bar.

As silent as you were when I had to leave the city.

As silent as you were when I told you I liked you.

As silent as you were when you kissed me back.

As silent as the hatred in your eyes when you realized you liked me too.

But I've had many first kisses,
the ones I agreed to, and the ones I dint agree to.

What does it matter as long as I keep silent.

-The kiss that mattered.


  1. One day I shall come searching for you
    Not just with my eyes

    With a book on my hand
    Your name entitled on it

    People will call it the book of dreams
    A book ever so lucid

    While it might be a dream for many
    For us it'll be our way home

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